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Finally reached the end of the animating side for Jenny’s Odd Adventure part 5! Ody made me this nice cherry blossom area to end the animation on and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Glad to have him help me along the way with all the awesome scenery you’ll see in the animation!

Kinda crazy how it only took 1,194 days to animate or about 3 years, 3 months to finish from the first WIP in 2020. I feel old… Not really too proud of that if I’m being honest, though there were a lot of ups and downs along the way while making this. Managed to persevere through with your guys’ support and the help I had along the way. Thank you guys so much!

I’m gonna spend a few days beforehand with the wife to get new flooring put down before I tackle the editing process of this. I’m hoping once I’m finished with this animation I can manage to get some kind of routine again ’cause this animation has screwed my whole flow and motivation as a whole. I’m sure time away is all I need, but not once this animation is out

What’s left?

With the animation-side of things taken care of now; I’ll be compiling all the animation I have (un-edited is about 50 minutes w/ roughly 20 minutes of sex scenes) into my editing software and start with that. Just your general post-processing, compiling, adding sounds, etc. with some titles here and there

I don’t really have an ETA when this will be public, though the plan is before the year is over depending on if things go swimmingly while editing this. Never edited something this long before

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