Rick and Morty A way back home

The game has several objectives where you interact with different characters in the show. These interactions often end up in situations but are also programmatic. It has mini games, search logs, nice phone UI. Is a pretty well developed game.  As you explore the city and meet its inhabitants, you will build and develop relationships.

About Rick and Morty a way back home

Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home is an RPG video game that draws inspiration from the novel and caters to players. The game revolves around the thrilling escapades of the game’s central characters, Rick and Morty. Initially, the game boasted approximately six hours of captivating gameplay. Additionally, there exists a fan-created version of the game that centers around the beloved Rick and Morty characters. This rendition offers an engaging experience and is currently in development, with the added convenience of being playable on Android devices.

Players will take the role of Rick and Morty and control them. Their goal is to complete the levels and missions by making different choices.The game includes different maps that you can unlock by completing challenges gradually.

Features of Rick and Morty a way back home

Original soundtrack

The video game showcases a unique musical score that draws inspiration from the TV series’ music. Rick and Morty A Way Back Home offers players an enjoyable and captivating journey as they accompany Rick and Morty on their thrilling space escapades.

Interact with the characters

The game allows you to interact with the legendary characters Rick and Morty.

Multi-device support

You can play this game on Android phones, iPhones and Windows devices.

HD Graphics

The game has highly attractive graphics integrated with beautiful background and sound effects.

Artistic style

The game has a unique hand-drawn art style, true to the look and feel of the TV show.

Voice acting

All characters are voiced by actors from the TV series, including Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty.

Screenshot Rick and Morty A way back home

rick and morty a way back home
rick and morty a way back home
rick and morty a way back home
rick and morty a way back home

Download rick and morty a way back home From Here

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