Monster Girl Island [v0.44.3] By Redamz

Redamz Games has recently launched a new game called Monster Girl Island, with the current version being 0.44.3. This game revolves around a captivating storyline and showcases an artstyle inspired by anime, specifically focusing on monster girls. The gameplay is divided into two modes: “story mode” and “free roam.” In the story mode, players progress through the narrative, getting acquainted with the main characters and uncovering the island’s mysteries. This mode is reminiscent of visual novels, offering an immersive experience. However, players also have the freedom to explore other activities at their own pace. Whether it’s flirting with the girls, acquiring new items, personalizing their experience (eventually), or discovering new monster girls scattered across the island, the choice is entirely up to the player.

Game Version Changelog:

Added MGI Builds in Unique Builds

Extra Information:

If you wanna go through the story, play the main build or day 1->2->3 first.
Then you can download any scenes you didn’t get (kitsune, arachne, nekomata, halloween, elf and yuki onna scenes can’t be found in story builds yet)
Kitsune twins animations (dated)
Arachne scene

Shark girl scene
Nekomata animations
Halloween build

Mako second scene
Elf scene
Slime scene 2.0
Secret build (spoiler: Voiceacting)
Yuki Onna scene (aka:fuyuko)


How to get Chumumi Scene?

  • Open gift box in your house after the events of Interlude.
  • (at nighttime) You can find a star behind your house at night, approach it and use your drone item.
  • After the drone mini scene, go talk to Chumumi.
  • Proceed to Chapter 4 if you haven’t yet.
  • (at daytime) Inspect the event near the greenhouses in the village.
  • (at nighttime) Approach Chumumi by the lake.
  • Choose the options you deem appropriate.

How to upgrade the outfit shop?

  • Meet Adeline during Interlude to unlock the shop.
  • Use any crossbow to hunt at least 3 azure dragonflies in the forest.
  • Give the insects to Adeline. That’ll unlock the first upgrade.
  • Find a certain shiny spot In the “hot” map. That’ll be a key item. (Missable, if you don’t get it now you’ll have to wait for future chapters)
  • Show the item to Adeline. That’ll unlock a new very expensive outfit for Fuyuko.

How to get the new drone event?

  • Do the sequence described above until you unlock Fuyuko’s outfit.
  • After that, an Ophelia star will appear at night on the village. Close to where Fuyuko stands after the main story events. (You don’t have to buy the outfit to trigger this event)

Game Images & Screenshots

Monster Girl Island [v0.44.3] By Redamz
Monster Girl Island
Monster Girl Island [v0.44.3] By Redamz
Monster Girl Island

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