BonBon and ChuChu commit crimes involving slimes and dimes…and it’s not their first time!


Mime And Dash, an animated video created by Derpixon, gained immense popularity on platforms like Newgrounds and YouTube in July 2021. The NSFW animation features two criminal female mimes named BonBon and ChuChu engaging in a game with a masked man. The game involves the man guessing their act three times, and with each incorrect guess, the mimes proceed to perform sexual acts with him before eventually knocking him out and stealing his money on the third attempt. The video’s viral status led to a significant fan following, with viewers particularly drawn to the characters BonBon and ChuChu. This resulted in the creation of various fan art and memes centered around them.


On July 4th, 2021, animator Derpixon posted a trailer for an original animation called “Mime and Dash” (shown below). The trailer advertises the animation as “a show about mimes and crimes.” The trailer received over 919,000 views on YouTube in a month.

mime and dash
mime and dash

On July 16th, Derpixon uploaded an NSFW animation on Newgrounds. Additionally, a censored version was posted on YouTube, where all explicit sexual content and lewd imagery were removed. The animation revolves around BonBon and ChuChu, who engage in a game of charades with a masked character. Throughout the game, the mimes act out various sexual-looking acts, which are then depicted through explicit sex scenes involving the girls. However, the character consistently guesses incorrectly. After the third incorrect guess, the character is knocked out, presumably due to the intense threesome he just had with BonBon and ChuChu, resulting in him ejaculating on their faces. The girls then proceed to steal his money. Within less than a month, the video garnered over 3.7 million views on Newgrounds and 3 million views on YouTube.

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