Currently, there exist six modules along with a core and three optional modules. The installation process allows you to choose the number of modules you wish to install, whether it be a few or all of them. If you are not interested in popularity, you have the option to not install it. If your preference is solely After School Activities, simply install the core and that specific module, and you’re good to go. It is important to note that the core module is essential for the proper functioning of the mod.

Screenshot about Dynamic Teen Life

Dynamic Teen Life
Dynamic Teen Life
  • Emotions

New Journal Entries

There are also more options available in journals which will affect their character values

Mood Swings

Mood swings have been altered to be less powerful so they won’t result in emotional deaths.

Mental Health

Sims can talk to others about their feelings and mental health, seek help with a counselor on the phone, attend support group, or call the hotline to speak with someone when their emotions get the better of them.

  • More After School Activities
  • Popularity System
  • Romantic Life
  • Social Groups
  • Social Life
  • Gossip and Rumors
  • GF Addon
  • Adds audition requirements to Drama Club

Compatibility and Requirements

Mod Requirements:

I couldn’t resist using Lumpinou’s Mood Pack to give teens the variety of moods they really experience. Make sure to get the updated version! Requires the General Pie menu

Choose between Tryouts or No Tryouts for School Activities, if installing that module.

Pack Requirements:

This only requires Base Game.

Parenthood is required for the Emotions module.

The Adventure Club After School Activity does require Snowy Escape.

Addons require either Get Famous or High School Years.


This mod’s features are unavailable to Preteens who attend Middle School.


The HSY Prom add on will conflict with with any mod that alters the prom situation.

The HSY After School Activities will conflict with any mod that alters the HSY after school activities careers files (currently the only one that I know of is my custom Shared School Mod Tuning.

If you use any of my mods that require the Shared Custom School tunings and want to use HSY After School Activities from this mod, do not install the Shared Tuning HSY After School Activities file. This does not conflict with LMS After School Activities or Calendar tweaks.

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